Rice Purity Test original also known as Innocence test was evolving since 1940s, it consists of 100 questions, on the basis of selected answers it decides your personality related to education, social life, emotions and your innocence. However, it is made for just educational or fun purposes. No depiction of the test results might be accurate.

What is Rice Purity test?

Rice Purity Test modern is a revised version of the Classical Rice Purity Test, created by Ella Menashe and its closest buddy Grace Wetsel at Rice University. The purity assessment quiz estimates the pureness rate once several answers are given by the user. While the Test has been revised on an ongoing basis since it was first created in 1924, the students argued that the present impurities of sexing are out of touch. If You are a fellow? A baddie? an uprising? Or a wholehearted devil soul? In return for a review of all your “unclean” behaviors chosen answers, the rice purity Test online will tell you about your innocence.