Rice Purity Test for Teenager Girls and Boys

The Rice Purity Test for teenagers is a one hundred questions test that evaluates a person’s innocence in the world of vices, with 100 being the purest and zero being the least refined or impure. The test is fun and includes questions on behavior, relationships and other activities of teenagers.

What the test griffor entails? 

People conducts the test for purity for reasons only recognized by them, so they can improve them self. To pass this test, you’re required to give a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response to the list of test of purity 100 questions. The questions does not came in any sequence, they are randomly posted to get the best results. The survey participants must choose an answer for all questions to see the score.

Should 14 year old Take a Rice Purity Test?

The test for rice purity is designed for adults, females and males. It’s okay for teenager aged 14-16 years old to take the test because the test for rice purity helps these teens better understand their personalities and feelings about the people. The Rice pure test or test of purity for teens could also increase their passion for love and give them more of a fine and broad sense of the world around them. Moreover, this test is specifically redesigned for teens under 14 or 15 years old.

How Authentic is the Test of purity for Teenagers?

For teenagers, this quiz presents simple questions since younger people do not fall in that category of those who have accomplished much in their lives. Notwithstanding, if any younger person want to take the test, you should check Rice purity test.

When discussing the validity of the tests, we need to state that most of the test results are legitimate since the site employs an algorithm that provides test takers with their results. The majority of the test’s results are genuine. There is a high likelihood that the results that arrive are authentic. No one is indeed 100% perfect. Also, we must be aware that the final results could jump over.

Importance of Rice Purity Test for teenagers:

Check Your Maturity:

It was the principal goal of Rice University when they were developing this test. They wanted to determine their students maturity level to help them establish a solid bond with their older colleagues. To accomplish this, they created the Rice Purity test by collecting 100 questions from personal life-related questions.

● Enables Teenagers To Know their Personality:

It is believed that the Rice Purity Tests have gathered the kind of test that, upon completing the test, you’ll be able to determine the type of personality you’ve cultivated. Some people may not keep track of their personal life and lifestyle, but the rice purity test can provide a glimpse into how your life has been.

● Adventurous:

For those who like to be adventurous, this test adds an exciting new adventure to their life. You can try taking the test after 30 days of practicing improvement.

Disadvantages of Rice Purity Test

In addition to the benefit of the test, rice purity tests have some disadvantages too.

● Mental Disturbance:

The test is based on private questions that you might not feel comfortable revealing. Therefore, before giving this test a shot, be aware that in the test, you will have to answer more than 100 highly sensual kinds of questions that could numb your mind and not all can handle this.

Too Sensitive Questions:

The test comprises highly adult-level questions about a sexually intimate relationship with the other gender. Since there are no specific ways to determine the age of those taking the tests on the internet, it exposes people not old enough to compassionate questions. Therefore, I suggest that if you’re elder than 18, don’t take the original test of purity.


As I said, it’s easy for you to pass your Rice Purity Test at 14 years old and feel guilty for not getting as good of scores as your fellow students. There’s no shame in abstinence at any time. There is also no excuse for waiting for the perfect person to be your first kiss and then losing your virginity. It’s a good idea to take the Rice Purity Test to have fun; don’t consider it a test of your character. Test of Purity is a great test to determine your place on the spectrum of purity and innocence. If you take the test with your buddy or colleague, you might learn something about them that you didn’t have known about them before, or in the opposite direction.

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