Rice purity test Original contains the questions related to intercourse, kissing and some other adult questions. Therefore, in order to properly assess the purity of virgins, we have created the Rice purity test for virgins. This purity test can be taken by females or males but it should be answered with honesty.

Rice purity test for virgins
Purity test for Virgins

Take Purity Test for Virgins

In order to take the Purity test click on the start test button and answer all the questions honestly.

Find your purity score. Have you ever…

After taking the test you can share the result with your fellows. However, if you are shy for taking the test in front of anyone that means you are innocent and you probably dont want anyone to see your answers.

What does Rice Purity test for Virgins Score Mean?

Score for Virgins purity test is same as the original test of purity. The most you scored the more pure you are if you have scored the least or between the 50-85% that means you are not much innocent. It is a good way to check for the purity of the partners before going into a relationship.

What is average score of virgins rice purity test?

On the basis of tests taken around the globe. The average score for virgins purity test is 76% by calculating the results or boys and girls who have taken the test so far.


In order to assess the personality or innocence level you should take the purity test. However, there were other tests available which contains the mature questions. Therefore, we have created the rice purity test for virgins to let them check their innocence level. Do share your score and comments about the test.

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