Rice Purity Test original also known as Innocence test was evolving since 1940s, it consists of 100 questions, on the basis of selected answers it decides your personality related to education, social life, emotions and your innocence. However, it is made for just educational or fun purposes. No depiction of the test results might be accurate.

What is Rice Purity test?

Rice Purity Test modern is a revised version of the Classical Rice Purity Test, created by Ella Menashe and its closest buddy Grace Wetsel at Rice University. The purity assessment quiz estimates the pureness rate once several answers are given by the user. While the Test has been revised on an ongoing basis since it was first created in 1924, the students argued that the present impurities of sexing are out of touch. If You are a fellow? A baddie? an uprising? Or a wholehearted devil soul? In return for a review of all your “unclean” behaviors chosen answers, the rice purity Test online will tell you about your innocence.

Purity test consists of 100 questions on the basis of its answers it calculates your result. The result percentage varies from 0% to 100%. The more you score the more pure or innocent you are. If your score is less then 60 to 70% you are somewhat pure, if you score more than 80% you are the purest as angle and an innocent person. Moreover, there are several Purity quizzes of 500 questions are available.

Distribution of Score

There are total 100 questions in Purity test. However type of questions and distribution of score to the each question is different. Distribution of score is based on the type of questions, same is defined as under:

  • There are 20 minor acts, which each have a score of 1.
  • There are 30 immoral acts, which each have a score of 2.
  • There are 20 raunchy acts, which each have a score of 3.
  • There are 20 scandalous acts, which each have a score of 4.
  • There are 10 unspeakable acts, which each have a score of 5.
Test of Purity Score Distribution Chart
Test of Purity Score Distribution Chart

Check Your Purity Test Score Now

What Does the Rice Purity Score means?

Rice purity test score varies from 0 to 100. 75 to 100 shows that you scored good and you are innocent. However, 50 to 75 shows that you need improvement in yourself. While 0 to 50 shows that your score is too poor and you really need an improvement. Moreover, the exact score meaning and statistical data is discussed in a table below.

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Rice Purity Score Statistical Chart

Purity test has been taken by thousand of peoples around the world sinceit started from 2020. Therefore, in order to properly assess the average score we have gathered the statistical data of average users who have taken the test and listed below to better understand the average results of quiz takers.

Purity ScoreMeaning% of Boys% of Girls
100You’re maybe the most innocent person on this planet.0.75%0.82%
99-95You are so pure. It seems that you’re quite new to the world.8.32%9.79%
94-90You are pure. Just like most people who take this test.9.19%9.52%
89-70You have probably checked off some moderately crazy things26.37%28.94%
69-50You are a bad girl / bad boy. You enjoy all the adult stuff.25.74%26.72%
49-20You are not pure and below the average. You are addicted to the adult stuff18.58%15.61%
19-10You are evil and far behind the average. You may already committed a crime.4.79%3.19%
9-1You are so evil that nobody around you could score lower than you.5.71%4.89%
0Nobody on this planet could be more corrupted than you are.0.55%0.52%
Statistical data of Rice purity test scores

Why should I take Purity test?

It helps you in understanding the personality and purity level of yourself. However, I suggest every learner to take this authentic rice purity test to accurately assess their personality. Youngsters are energized and eager to succeed and gain all the privileges of life rapidly, which leads them to take the shortcut. For the eager to succeed they can be engaged in illegal acts, unaware of what they are committing, or living a misguided course in life.

It indeed suggests that you know how to control your private life effectively. Let’s say you don’t want to discuss your character with your friends or are apprehensive about consulting personality experts. In that situation, the easiest way to observe yourself is to use the questionnaire created by Rice University students.

After taking the purity quiz, you can retake it after a span of month or 2 to 3 weeks, depending on your preference. It is advisable to constantly check your test score once or twice a month to monitor how much you’ve improved. It helps you in order to participate in society gatherings and also by taking the rice purity test you can efficiently develop your personality. Moreover, if you are a teenager you can take Rice purity test for teenagers that is made available on our website.

What else should I know about the Rice purity test?

It is convenient to take the quiz and feel horrible for not scoring high as your friends or family members. There is no need to feel ashamed for any reason. This test link is only created for fun purposes, don’t take this purity test too seriously. When most of the people feels bored, they like taking quizzes to pass their time. Just like that, this test provides fantastic facts about your personality and where you stand in the spectrum of innocence. A fun fact, take the test with your partner or with your friends to know about their purity level. Moreover, our purity test is a great alternative to ricepuritytest.com

What is the difference between different tests available online?

There is no difference between test of purity, purity test, innocence test or rice purity test 日本 語, ao3 and fanfiction rice purity test. These all are the names of the same quiz that are derived from the rice purity test original. However, as we all know that trends and living qualities or habits changes with the passage of the time. Therefore, the test has been evolved by the passage of time. Developer and test conductor organizes and changes the Questions according to the era so that the result can be accurate and help ones to improve their self in an healthy manner.

Taking Rice Purity test video

Rice Purity test Taking Video


Test for purity or innocence test is specially designed to check your purity level on the basis of 100 questions. Its also known as rice purity test.

The good purity test is from 90% to 100% as announced earlier by Rice University and also you can improve yourself by self assessment.

As per the statistical data gathered so far average score of Purity test users is between 73% to 80%.

There are 100 questions in Rice purity test which an individual need to be answered correctly. Moreover, there are different test available with 500 to 600 questions.

Both yes and no. Because numerous people have taken it and it’s well-liked. Yet, there are some sex-related terms that your parents might not appreciate seeing on your screens.

A score range of 77 to 93 is considered the best score, mostly college students fall in this level. 

The test was developed by Rice University in 1924, so it’s named after the students of Rice university. Later on, in 20s its name was changed to Test of purity and innocence test.

You can take this test if you want to check the which portion of your personality needs improvement or how much evil soul do you have.

Rice purity test was first created by the Rice University students in 1920s. Students created this test to check the Purity level of their fellow students that how much they are into bad habits.

It takes 2-5 minutes to answer every question of the test accurately.

Yes, it is the widely searched and taken test. According to the research 2m peoples searches for the test per month worldwide.


Rice purity test is specially designed to show your innocence level that how much pure you all. It shows the score on the basis of answers you provide during the quiz, however, it all depends on how much truly you choose the answers. Don’t ever try to take the quiz by false answers as it can boost your confidence or degrade it but you will not be able to better understand yourself. Take the quiz and improve yourself on the basis of results. you can always take the test of purity again and again but we suggest not to take the simultaneously in a month. The better time period for taking the quiz again is 1 month.

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